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My Potna B


Uncut takes on life, relationships, music and everything in between.


"I'm basically woke AND ratchet -wait, is that a thing? Can you be both?"

This sequence of thought is the perfect way to describe Potna B, the ever evolving host of MyPotnaB Podcast. Created to fill the void left by pop culture, gossip and sports shows, Potna B takes his need for enlightenment and cultural relevance to the airwaves. He aimed to give the feel of listening to your brother, cousin or friend give their unapologetic takes on life. 

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Potna B relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the hometown of Southern University, where his NFL bound father and influential mother attended. Due to the absence of his father and substance abuse by his mother, he was raised by his paternal grandmother in the infamous streets of South Baton Rouge.

After graduating with numerous athletic honors from McKinley High School, Potna B accepted football and track scholarships to Mississippi Valley State University and ended his collegiate tenure at Southeast Missouri State University.

While listening to an episode The Breakfast Club Morning Show, B discovered the existence of podcasts -and the lack of relatable content. Having learned in business what to do when a need is discovered, Potna B began using a handheld recorder in his car during his lunch breaks to create his early podcast episodes.

Since the airing his first episode on November 4, 2014, the MyPotnaB Podcast now has over 80 episodes with no sign of slowing down. With each episode, B has cultivated a diverse fan base with his easy to digest content, quick wit and engaging queries via his popular Twitter account, @MyPotnaB.