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My Potna B


Uncut takes on life, relationships, music and everything in between.


I am not a writer. I won't claim to be a writer nor try to follow the "rules" of journalism. F*ck the rules. I just want to write things from the heart. I want to spell how I see fit. I won't feel bad about it, because this shouldn't even be the language I speak (but, slavery). That being said, I'll come here to update/vent/inform/entertain too. Since I'm paying for the podcast AND a website, might as well use both of them. The site's named after me, I think I should do what I want with it and make it reflect who I am.

Now that we have that covered lol.. 

Hi, i'm B. I podcast. Think of me more as a musician though. Im a musician that writes my own songs (podcasts). I write about my real life. I put my thoughts, fears, joy, pain, family and friends into these episodes. I'm ok with being embarrassed, judged and/or whatever else comes with sharing my truths for public consumption. I think its worth it, because through the years (been podcasting since 2014) the feedback has been either how I help people get through their work days or how my story help people figure out how to navigate their situations.

That being said: I want to record consistently. I swear I do. Like musicians, however, you have to live life to have something to write/reflect about. If I haven't posted an episode in a while, it's only because life has me either going through an up or a down -and I'm trying to wrap my head around it so that I can come talk to yall about it. I hope you understand. Love yall. -B